Potato and Mix Vegetable Salad

Potato and Mix Vegetable Salad


  • Chop potato into quarters and boil in water with a pinchsalt until cooked.

  • Grate the carrot.
  • Slice the tomato into thin strips.
  • Mix the peas, sweetcorn, grated carrot, sliced tomato and potatoes in a bowl and dress with a tablespoon of oil, salt and pepper. 

    Why this meal is so good: It’s simple and delicious. And requires very little effort to make.

    Plus, a salad like this is a great way to get a burst of vitamins which can be difficult when Living Below The Line. What’s more the potatoes are great source of dietary energy.

    Play around with the salad by adding different kinds of vegetables. You can be as creative as you like.