Bread & Life International.

Bread & Life International (BLi) is passionate about helping the less fortunate with hope for a better life based on Christian love and value. The people we help are the sick, the needy and the lost and this includes the widow and orphans.

We do missions to serve the poor and partner with local churches and orphanages. We minister in both the spiritual and physical aspect. Spiritually, we teach and train the local partners and provide bibles / materials and physically we invest in sustainable projects which have included fish farm, pig farms, goat farms, lands for children's homes, equipment (e.g. tractor and rice mill machines) and seeds for farming, built wells, water pump, water filters and buildings for children’s home and for the homeless. At the same time, we also run medical and dental clinics during the trips for the poor and distribute basic necessities such as rice, food, mosquito nets, hygiene materials, etc.

We operate with 100% volunteers.

Our mission.

Our story began in the summer of 2008 where a team of 20 members boldly ventured into Thailand for the first time to partner with Ps. Ricky & Lay Hwa at Care Corner Orphanage, Chiang Mai. And then again in 2010 and yet again in 2011 into Thailand . . . and more so along the way opening new doors to Myanmar and Cambodia! Little did we know that this was the start of something very special and life changing for all involved: the team, the supporters and our incredible local partners.


As part of our journey in 2008, 'Love Thailand ' was unofficially earmarked for everything associated with this remarkable non-profit venture from: fundraising to community projects and mission trips to Thailand. 

In February 2012, 'Bread & Life International ' was born and became a registered UK charity (No. 1146010) simply because the remit was no longer contained within one country. More and more exciting opportunities continued to be unveiled to this present day.

So why the name: Bread & Life International

“Bread” charities have in the days gone by always been associated with providing for the poor and needy. Bread is also symbolic of the basic necessity of life both physically and spiritually.


“Life” is what we believe in, that humans should have a whole and abundant life, whether it is housing & education for children; creating micro-economies so that life can become self supporting and respected; temporary relief in medical missions or knowing Jesus Christ – they all have a theme of the wholeness of life whole.


"Rebuild, Restore & Revive" are the modes that we operate in. Rebuilding economies from the ground level, homes and lifes that are destroyed, damaged or non existent. Restoring relationships, and self worth. And reviving hopes and purpose of life that may been lost. The biggest reference is the ministry of reconciliation found in the Bible (2 Corinthians 5:18-19) where we are personally reconciled with Jesus Christ and rebuilt, restored and revived as well as the people we work with.


The charity invests in local and international projects and provides a platform for volunteers to experience this, while developing their potential role in enriching lives in less developed countries.

Bread & Life International, at it's core is passionate about helping the less fortunate with hope for a better life based on Christian love and value. The people we help are the sick, the needy and the lost and this includes the widow and orphans as well. The sponsorship raised from each fundraising event past, present or future event goes 100% to humanitarian aid.  This maybe in the basic form of food, mosquito nets, medical supplies, toothbrushes or water filters etc. Other times, depending on our "local-partners," the funds raised go towards a specific community project on the ground for example in the past:


2008 - we invested and built water wells for a remote rural Karen Refugee village in northern Thailand.

2010 - the same village we built a 50 person orphan's home and brought in a simple water filtration system.

2011 - the charity invested in the "main orphanage" centre in Chiang Mai and funded and converted their lake into a sustainable fish farm that feeds the children and excess is sold on to the local village.