A passion to love and put others first.

"Growing up, I always had a dream of volunteering at an orphanage and looking after orphans, playing with the children, teaching and loving them. My dream continued after I became a mother, to also teach my children to love these abandoned children and the poor.

We went to China on a missions trip without the children, (as they were too small) but a number of years later, I received a pearl bracelet, handcrafted beautifully by a child at Care Corner Orphanage and heard of their amazing story and all that was ongoing at this place. The following year, we brought our children to visit this place in Thailand and were so touched by their genuine love and care for the children.



In the spring of 1995, Care Corner Orphanage (CCO) was started by Pastor Ricky and Lay Hwa Tan who saw the great need to provide a loving home to the many abandoned children. This included those suffering from HIV, who did not have any medication at that time and consequently many would die at very young age. However, they could and would be loved before they went home to their heavenly Father.  

For most children, when they come into the orphanage - they have no concept of what love and sharing is in either word or action. But at the orphanage, it oozes with love and security which only agape love could bring. The children were polite, loving, obedient, and willing to share! We were very deeply encouraged by the hope and joy that filled this place.

We returned to England and prayed for God to open up our hearts to support the works out there and also the opportunity to be able to partner with them. A few months later, we received news from Care Corner Orphanage that God had opened doors for the orphanage to go into a refugee camp to minister with food and teaching. We loved the fact that CCO was so eager to reach out to others that were less fortunate then themselves!

When we read their newsletter, we felt very troubled in our spirit to a point of agonising even in our sleep and crying to God for these persecuted refugees. At this point, we knew that God had wanted us to go back to Thailand. We called Pastor Ricky and he explained that we needed a team about 10 members that would make the trip feasible. We looked at each other and asked God, how could this be done?

Two of us plus two kids (who were 13 and 11 years old at the time) so stretching it will be four member team. God began to open doors for us to speak to different churches in our city with only a fervent passion. In the end God put together a team of 20 members with a doctor and we made the trip in 2008 ... and then again in 2010 and  then again in 2011 as well! Ever since, Bread & Life International has seen many wonderful doors open in Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia with such incredible local partnerships!"


HuiKing & AiSeok Lau | Founders, Bread & Life International