Nepal 2018_Day 8_Friday


Kathmandu Youth Camp

Herman Poon

After the first two days of the youth camp and all the spiritual warfare, the team including myself might be physically exhausted but certainly energised and drunk in the Holy Spirit. Personally, it was a big day for me as I did my first ever sermon to these really special and precious sons and daughters of the Lord.

Right before the camp started, Pastor Perry came to the room which was shared by Lael, Yang and I to talk about the logistics and arrangements for sermons, when they were deciding if Lael or Yang were going to speak twice, all of a sudden Pastor Perry asked if I minded doing one, and with courage out of nowhere I just said “yes”, even though I was scared and nervous about it. Throughout the first two days of the camp, God just kept giving out confirmation to comfort my doubtful heart, as I thought it was a reckless decision from a sleepy boy, but I know that it was a blessing from God for me to speak to these young fellows.

This was a crazy trip for me as I am still a student, I was in the middle of the semester, but I am certain that I was handpicked by God Himself. I was cracked by God in the orphanage a few days ago, and now I am about to be used by God to crack these young men. I know for a fact that God wanted me to preach for the first time in front of these young men, in this youth camp. I was going to preach a few days ago in the first church visit, but then I didn’t get a chance to; few days later in the orphanage God broke me through Edwina, casting away all the doubt in my heart, all the chains of lies and the burden of being special, as I am special in Him and He treasures the story that He gave me just like all the others. That broke me as I have habitually lied throughout my life, even to the closest ones just to be approved and recognised.

I woke up extremely tired and nervous after what happened the previous night and what was about to happen in the day, but also excited. If I am completely honest the preparation wasn’t enough, but God always provides and just reminds me that it’s not me who’s speaking, I am just the vessel. After being anointed by the Holy Spirit and the team, I am prepared, and I know the Holy Spirit will break through the walls built up by these young boys and they will be touched by the Holy Spirit.

‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.’ Jeremiah 1:5

I started the preaching session with my story of pretending to have the gift of tongue, I started it when I was young to impress my mother and all the others from church, as I thought that meant a spiritual closeness to God, which shocked everyone in the room. Then I shared the story of The Prodigal Son, how special we are to Him that He would run out and chase after us, even if we are covered in dirt, and He loves us no matter what, as long as we come home and go back to Him. If I am being completely honest, I did not say everything I had prepared nor remembered everything that I had said as I was so drunk in the Holy Spirit; Herman doesn’t have that sort of courage, unless it’s the Holy Spirit speaking through him.

“You're a good good Father
It's who You are, it's who You are, it's who You are
And I'm loved by You
It's who I am, it's who I am, it's who I am”

Anthony Brown, Pat Barrett @ Housefires Sounds. Good Good Father.

On the first night when we arrived in Banepa, Pastor John from the Australian team encouraged the team by saying “God might want us to come just for one person”, and I believe that one person for me is within the crowd. After Pastor Perry’s session in the evening, we blessed and anointed the youths with oil and prayers of encouragement, as the Holy Spirit ministered through us, I saw many opened and hungry hearts for God, and I am blessed and encouraged by it as well.  As we leave the camp, I know for a fact that God loves these people and the team were the vessels to bless these futures of Nepal and God will do amazing things through them!


Bong Yang

We woke up fresh in the morning ready for the last day of “Christ Ambassador Camp” in 3 different locations. The one I had been participating was in Kathmandu, which has been nothing short of amazing in the past two days of camp.

After having breakfast, the team arrived at the camp site ready for the day. Our youngest team member Herman, was the speaker for the morning! We were super excited for him seeing his courage and willingness to say ‘yes’ when asked whether he would like to take a session in the youth camp. Herman has just entered his twenties. The boyishness in his face is still visible while his maturity and attentiveness to the need of others was something that surpassed his age. Thoughtful, sensitive and most of all, young! Perhaps amongst all the speakers that have spoken the past two days including myself, Herman was the most relatable to the youths.

After an amazing time of worship, Herman rocked up on stage without hesitation. He knew he had a message to share to the youths after multiple confirmations throughout the camp. Despite this being his first time preaching, he knew that God was going to use him to speak to the congregation, especially the boys whom have been more reserved throughout the camp. “I am going to crack the guys, like how God cracked me”, he said to me before preaching. Indeed, Herman has gone through tough times despite his age. His parents were separated from a young age. For the sake of not letting them worry, he has learnt to cope by putting up walls to show a front that is fine, a wall that would not allow others in and neither would it allow him to be real with others. This has all changed now as God tore down his walls to win his heart, and that was what he preached that day!

‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.’ Jeremiah 1:5

Herman shared of how God knew every single one of us individually, and loved us with such love that nothing is worthy in comparison. He shared his testimony of how God had hunted him down and changed him from the inside out; from questionable lifestyle to one that just wants to serve Him; from habitually lying and building up walls to one that is genuine and of love. The congregation listened intently as Herman’s unfiltered honesty and blatant authenticity pierced through the room. I do feel that we were “cracked” that morning, cracked from the walls that we build to hide our hurts and dark secrets, as the Holy Spirit ministers to us through Herman’s message.

I was super proud of Herman that day as he was so brave in sharing the most intimate personal stories and be vulnerable in front of such a large crowd, with the only goal of sharing how real God’s love can be for all of us. The boys in the room who were previously more reserved were noticeably more comfortable to worship and receiving prayer thereafter. All glory be to God!

During the last evening service after Pastor Perry (Australia) preached, the team from UK and Australia went out to pray for everyone who wanted prayer as per the nights before. We anointed them with oil and spoke words of blessing and knowledge over the youths, encouraging them and blessing them. As the Holy Spirit ministered to them through us, some of them teared, some cried, some laughed and some remained still. It was noticeably different from the nights before where there were demonic manifestations, this night it was just joyous. You could feel the atmosphere pregnant with joy as brothers and sisters in Christ encouraged, loved and prayed for one another.

It was of course sad to leave the camp after spending three days with the amazing people here, but our hearts were full knowing that we have met God together with brothers and sisters from different nations and tongues; knowing that God was glorified in our gatherings and His name was lifted up; knowing that even demons whom attempted to torment some of the people present had to leave because the presence of God was so tangible in the room; and knowing that the youths were refreshed, set free and empowered to continue their race in their faith in a persecuted country. We left the youth camp back to our accommodation with such peace and gratefulness that night while looking forward to ministering to local churches the following day. It has been such an experience thus far!