NEPAL 2018

BLi will be returning to Nepal in November 2018; from 1st – 10th which is during Diwali. 

This is our 4th trip to Nepal and we will, once again, be partnering with Assemblies of God Church – Nepal and OMMA – Australia.

General Information

When will the trip take place?
The trip will be from 1st – 10th Nov 2018. 

What will we be doing in Nepal?
This year’s trip will be very similar to our very first trip to Nepal in 2015 which consists of 4 parts:

  1. Medical and Dental Clinics + Children Ministry

  2. Orphanage Ministry

  3. Serving at the yearly AoG Youth Camp

  4. Encouraging the local Churches and supporting theirs outreaches to towns and villages.

The agenda will be as follows...

1-2 Nov:     Medical & Dental Clinic at Banepa
3-6 Nov:     Orphange ministry at Chitwan District
7-9 Nov:     AoG Youth Camp at Panchkhal & Kathmandu
10 Nov:      Church ministry at different local churches


BLi Team


Day 0_Thursday

“…it’s about the journey, this Pastor and a group of Christians and their journey of obedience as they follow Christ’s commands in making disciples and loving one another. And as for us, we may be here at our destination, but our journey in this mission has only just begun.” - Elliot Wong


Day 1_Friday

“Gradually we treated all the patients, the children who stayed in the school remained and the clinic waiting area was transformed into a playground. The construction team saw us on their way back to Banepa Church and those of us who still had energy to spare offered it unto the Lord in bringing joy and attention to these children. We played and played until it was dark, no speech was needed, we signed, motioned or wrote what was on our mind to communicate with them. I was so touched by how pure and simple they are in experiencing happiness and joy.” - Benson Lai


Day 2_Saturday

“Being a medic, it is a struggle to explain how God can heal miraculously with no scientific explanation but God is gradually working on me with regards to this, (and this is not ending just yet, it is still in progress as we return to UK!) I learnt that in all circumstances, we just have to continue to pray and God does guide our prayers and does speak through us to His people.” - Edwina Goh


Day 3_Sunday

“As much as we worried about the children there, God comforted me with this insight. Knowing that He is in charge! There is no chance for the enemy to destroy His precious ones, because they are given the authority to bring heaven down. There is power in their prayer, claiming their territory in the name of Jesus Christ. All these little ones are going to rise, to be a strong ARMY of God. They are the hope and the future of Nepal! May all of us continue to pray for open heaven in that place, ARISE NEPAL!” - Brenda Chin


Day 4_Monday

“After a big breakfast, Pastor Lee shared some testimonies of the kids’ stories. One story was the miracle of Rebecca who was born early and underweight with poor medical resources and has now grown up to be a healthy, happy 14-year old girl. God could change something that was impossible into possible. He is a mighty God.” - Brenda Lee


Day 5_Tuesday

“Pre-trip, I had been worried about how I was going to relate to the Nepali people, but I quickly experienced the connection we as humans can have through this raw emotion if we are just willing to let our guard down, open our hearts and experience. Equally, love is universal; and it was in love that Jesus came to this Earth to not just save us but enable us to relate to Him.” - Pei Ling Chay


Day 6_Wednesday

“God empowered and anointed us to heal and free the souls that had been captured by the evil ones. Through their tears and sorrow, we witnessed how much pain and hurt these youths had been suffering. Through prayers, we asked God earnestly for his comfort and compassion that could mend their hearts. It was amazing that the Holy Spirit was so close to us that we could speak boldly and cast out demons in the name of Jesus.” - Pui Yuk Fong


Day 7_Thursday

“We were praying and anointing them with oil, but God had much more in plan. The holy spirit was so evident there. We were ministering to his princes and princesses, there were people falling from the power of the Holy Spirit, there was crying and tears and laughing, and some were even casting out demons in the name of Jesus. It was a true sight to see how God worked in his people.” - Edwina Goh


Day 8_Friday

“After Pastor Perry’s session in the evening, we blessed and anointed the youths with oil and prayers of encouragement, as the Holy Spirit ministered through us, I saw many opened and hungry hearts for God, and I am blessed and encouraged by it as well.  As we leave the camp, I know for a fact that God loves these people and the team were the vessels to bless these futures of Nepal and God will do amazing things through them! “ - Herman Poon


Day 9_Saturday

Though we have all returned to our own countries, let us continue to remember this place, these people and their needs in our prayers. Bye (for now), Nepal! It is not easy to say goodbye, but we believe if God is willing, we will meet again in His timing! :)“ - Sharon Chan