Nepal 2015: Day 8

Interesting Fact: In Nepal, Sunday service is on SATURDAY! 


Pastor NP suggested we should go and preach at as many churches as possible ... so THAT is what we exactly did:


  • Zoe and Ai Seok stayed at our host church to help with the youth/kids ministry. 


  • Jonny shared at a nearby church about the book of Joel. He prayed especially for the young people. The local pastors would love prayer for their church leaders as many of their congregation has lost faith and left the church since the earthquake. The church was also damaged by the earthquake and one of the walls was collapsed; but thank God ... no one got hurt when it happened!


  • Aaron’s church was like a medium sized shed. Seating was a carpet laid on dirt. The roof was held up by bits from a tree. Aaron had lunch at a worship leader’s house. Aaron asked how could he emotionally cope with the destruction of the earthquake? He explained that it was sad, but he thanked God that he is still alive; there’s nothing more he could ask for.


  • Richard was picked up by a motorcycle to his church which was located in a rented room! He met a Norwegian missionary couple. There was a lot of learning for this church since both Richard and the Norwegian missionaries shared about the Bible. The Norwegian missionaries shared first and interestingly, they shared the same topic which Richard was planning to share. He prayed and he stared to share the power of Holy Spirit using the concept of jet engine (Richard is a Jet Engine Engineer).


We met up at the church at 2pm and said farewell to Pastor NP and his family. Then we travelled back to Kathmandu by the local (tiny) taxi.


On arrival, the team was overwhelmed by the warm welcome from Ruth - the owner of the hostel. She prepared an amazing Korean dinner for the whole team and she shared about her testimony.


The whole team was shocked by her story; she lost her husband 6 years ago, and decided to follow God’s calling to come and serve the lowest class citizen in Nepal by teaching them basic skills like sewing, cooking etc. She could not, and still can not speak Nepali nor English, and she said all the work she achieved was solely from the grace of God.


This amazing testimony of hers has earned her a nick name of “The Prayer Woman”!