Nepal 2015: Day 9+10

Day 9: Gloria Mission School


Today we had an amazing time with Gloria Mission School which teaches children from poor background. The school was started in 2002 by Grace Tak who came to Nepal from Korea as a missionary in 2000. The school was destroyed during the recent earthquake in April. The land was also damaged and Grace had to find a new land and rebuild the school which now provides education from kindergarten through to primary six level.


It was so inspiring to see the faith and strength of Grace and her group of dedicated teachers. We visited the new school that they are now building on the land which cost $500 USD on the land rental. There are still much to be done on the construction but the school already runs it's the assembly in the open air whilst the remaining classrooms are being built.


Before the earthquake there were 320 children. Now, there are now 33 teachers and 170 children at the new school. The whole school start each day with devotion. Grace shared the vision of the school and the needs to have help for training the teachers and would welcome help from volunteers that are able to teach and train the staff as well as teaching for the children. [If this is something that you would be interested in helping with then please pray about it first and get in touch with us to start this exciting conversation together.]


Today Richard shared a message from book of Timothy and Ai Seok gave her testimony during the assembly to inspire the children to grow in faith and love and have a dream to be the best for God.


We then installed the Home Spun environmental water filter for the school and later set off for Solid Rock Academy.


Day 10

Most of our team have now left Nepal and are on their way home.


Ai Seok, Hui King and myself had an amazing day. Pastor Grace is an awesome woman of faith. I gave the Gospel to the Year 4 - 7 classes, with a general encouragement to work hard and focus on their dream careers, using an adaptation of the Line Skit. They + I loved it!


Also, they all now know the theory of flight and how a jet engine works. I left each class with everyone doing, "Suck, and Squeeze, Bang! And Whoosh!" It was great fun!


I had a meal with Sabita and her sister and brother-in-law. It was a great evening and we talked about loads of subjects and the conversation always came back to the Lord Jesus. They couldn't let it go! We had a fun night together.


Eating together, sharing stories, building real friendships and just loving people for where they are at is what makes missions so exciting and such a wonderful adventure!