Nepal 2015: Day 7 - Last day at the Christ's Ambassadors Youth Camp 2015

Last day at the Youth Camp!

Today is the last day of the youth camp.


The day started off with Jonny leading devotion. The youths were divided into small groups to share what they had learnt for the past 2 days and ended with praying together. Hui King then led a bible teaching session on "the importance of having vision."


In the afternoon, we had a talent show. Different youth groups had entered the competition and most of them decided to dance! They were definitely much better dancers than our that's for sure!


In the late afternoon, Pastor John’s team was back. He was the last speaker of the camp and his sharing was focus on the power of the Holy Spirit. At the end of the sermon, he came down and started to baptise the youths with the Holy Spirit. People started to speak in tongues and fell down by the power of Holy Spirit. We all joined together to pray and worship God - Hallelujah! 


In the evening, they had a closing ceremony and they had kindly prepared some Nepali topis and scarfs for the whole team as a farewell gift. The team then had to say goodbye to all the youths after 3 wonderful and blessed days of the youth camp.