Nepal 2015: Day 2 - Thakuri Ganu

Monday 9th November 2015

After breakfast. we packed our rucksacks with work boots & gloves, safety glasses & hard hats and also ... lots of water!


Nobody thought to tell us that we had a 50 minute trek up a mountain, on a precarious path, with the jungle edge near our route! I was breathless even before the steep ascent, but the views are fantastic. Stopping to take in the view and taking photos, helped me climb to the next view. 


We went to Thakuri Ganu (Ganu means village), to the home of Kanchha Ramtel and this wife, Tara Ramtel. At the time of the earthquake, Kanchha his wife, two sons and teo daughters, were in Church. When they returned home their home had completely collasped. Had they been in the house, they would have been killed. The church youth had helped clear the rubble. They had built a temporary shelter, which they shared with their cow. It was so humbling to receive their hospitality. They were so generous. How little these people have,  yet are so content and happy to share their food and warm smiles.

Our project: to dig the footing on the site of Kanchha's house!

I think that because Janice, our architect, is unavailable for the rest of the week, we were assigned this build, rather than shelters, which go to poor people,  no matter what religion. 

Janice's eye was healed this morning. The team had prayer for her last night, she had an infection from grit on a previous build. She hadn't realised until reaching this build site that the soreness was gone. Hallelujah!!!!!

Our first job was to measure and set the foundations for 8 pillars. This proved to be very amusing for the onlookers. Then we started to dig the holes 4'X4'X3'9". This proved to be very tough as we enountered lots of broken foundation. No worries, theres another day to complete the footings tomorrow. 

This evening, the team ministered to about 20 elderly homeless and lonely people living in their compound. We did the chair skit and sang. I gave a short salvation message. They all responded to the invitation to follow Our Lord Jesus Christ. There followed a very emotional prayer time, as the team prayed for each one.

I love missions: why do anything else? We work with our hands all day, then soar like an eagle, as we preach the Good News, and see God Spirit move in peoples lives. Its the best thing ever!!!!