Nepal 2015: Day 3+4 - Benepa & Village project

Day 3 at Benepa

The sun's shining again and today we have the privilege of helping a needy family rebuild their house before winter arrives. Their family home of 45 years has been destroyed in the earthquake earlier this year and now they are living in temporary shelter which is very cold at night and very hot in the day. The current petrol crisis in Nepal has meant that resources are scarce and prices have nearly doubled. The family would like to thank you all for your generous donations and kind words of prayer. Please keep us in prayer as we aim to complete the first stage of the the foundation tomorrow.


Day 4 at Benepa

We wake up to another cold morning at the local church with Pastor NP & his very hospitable family. Devotion at 7am followed by a wonderful local breakfast cooked by Bandana (pastor's wife). By the time we've finished breakfast the sun has risen and everyone is basking in the morning sun in their t-shirts.


At 9am we set off up the mountain to revisit the building site where we are helping the Romtil family rebuild their home. Their son Jonathan is our guide up the mountain and leads us up a shortcut which is quicker but more tiring than yesterday's journey up.

Our team of 6 got straight to work digging the eight foundation holes.


At lunch the family cooked us a chicken dish which we were so honoured to have. We learnt that 1kg of chicken is approximately a days wage for the locals. The family wait on us and give us extra food until we are full. They do not eat until we have finished to show us respect. Every day they have given us fresh cows milk - it tastes a million times better than the pasteurised stuff we buy in the shops. The cow lives in doors next to the kitchen rather than miles away from the consumer.


After lunch the sun was shining onto the whole plot of land which made every plow and dig so much harder than when we had shade. After a few more hours, when the team had used every ounce of energy we prayed for the family and left them with our blessings - prayers and safety equipment (the locals were digging with no shoes on!).


Walking down the hill was a lot quicker but the steep and narrow paths were just as dangerous. When we reached the church a water filter and buckets were waiting to be assembled.


Tonight we practice for our skits tomorrow and have been given some last minute tasks for tomorrow's youth camp. Please pray for the team to have energy and wisdom from God to share and teach. For me please pray especially for courage and peace. God bless you all and thank you for your prayers and support.