Nepal 2015: Day 1 - Kathmandu

Sunday 7th November 2015


What an amazing day.


After group devotions, Pastor John, Ai Soek and I, went to the Nepal Ruth's Home craft centre owned by Kwak Hyesun. Mrs Kwak gives work to 13 women and teaches their children in school in the compound. She is soon to open a restaurant to employ 20 workers. 


Later the team assisted Pastor John with his dental clinic. Pastor John is a practicing dentist. There were 54 patients on the list. 


While the dental clinic continued, Aaron, Jonny and I set up the water filtration unit for the church. We were amongst the first to drink from it....We're still good and healthy. lol.

After lunch, despite the presure of a large queue, Pastor John made time to speak to Surita and Sabita about Jesus. Surita is a young Nepali lady who wanted to help our team. Sabita is the young nurse who assisted Pastor John.

Surita asked for the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive her sins and become Lord. Hallelujah! 

After practicing our skits for the youth camp, it was time to take two little 800 cc taxis to Benepa. At one stage I didn't think we'd pack all our baggage. What with 9 people travelling in 2, 3 passenger vehicles. However, with great team spirit and very close fellowship,  we arrived safely at Pastor NP's home. He, His wife Bandana and son Prashant made us so welcome and made us a typical Nepali meal. We were joined by Janice and Becky, two Singaporean ladies, who oversee the building work here.

Prayer points:

1.  There is a shortage of fuel and therefore,everything, due India closing the border. Nepal need things to change.

2. We go with Janice and Becky to begin building work Monday and Tuesday.

3. For our preparations for the youth camp on Wednesday - Friday

4. Team unity and joy.