Nepal 2015: Day 0 - Kathmandu

Richard and our good friend Ps. John from Australia are the first team members to have safely arrived into Kathmandu, Nepal and are quickly settling in: 


First night's sleep, despite the obligatory dog barking accompanied by two cows mooing, was good. I woke to a rooster singing God's praise. 


After breakfast, Ps John and I took a taxi to church. Ps Suman's church is largest AOG in Nepal. He is Senior Pastor to 144 churches, see photo.


The church service this morning was awesome. The building was packed with hundreds, worshiping in joyful singing and prayers. The women on the left facing the front and men on the right. All sat cross-legged on the carpet.

The worship was brilliant, there was no translation, yet I had sweet agreement in the spirit. At one stage tears freely flowing down my cheeks. I knew we were exalting the Saviour.

I stayed long enough for that other part of worship, the offering. Then I had to go to the airport to pick up Ai Seok.


One of the congregation took me on his motorbike. It wasn't too scary, despite traffic all around, under and overtaking. All along the streets, cars and motorbikes are parked up, waiting for their turn to get petrol. Literally hundreds of vehicles. Then, near another petrol station, another long street full of parked vehicles.

I arrived at the airport and the plane is delayed. Three and half hours later, Ai Soek an I took a taxi to church, arriving late for the second service. Ps John was mid preach and Ps Suman was translating.

It was a shame that Ai Seok missed the awesome worship. However, the preaching was wonderful. Church was about three-quarters full. Most of whom responded to the call to be prayed for.

Ps Suman's wife Hanah, is lovely. She prepared a meal for us before Ai Seok and I returned to the hotel. Ps John went to the airport to pick-up Christy, a member of his church in Australia.

This evening, a famous Korean designer, put on fashion show in a restaurant. Her assistant then preached the gospel at the end. There were about 150 present most repeated the sinners prayer at the end. Afterwards she provided free meals for everyone.

Good news. Jonny, Zoe and Aaron have arrived safely. Their flight was also delayed. It was wonderful to get back to the hotel to fellowship together and give thanks to God.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.