Our first team member has safely arrived!

Our first team member has safely arrived!


Richard safely arrived into Katmandu on Friday evening ready for the Nepal 2015 missions:

I arrived safely in Katmandu, after a mercifully uneventful trip. The stunning white moutains seemed close enough to touch, as we flew over. The view is breathtaking. There was a slight kerfuffle when I didnt see my carry on baggage on arrival, by the plane. On boarding, it was put in the hold. However, no worries, it was taken with the checked in baggqge.

The Korean mission Hotel is small, yet clean and spacious inside. I had a very warm welcome despite the language barrier.

I met some local young christians who arrived with Ps John Lee. Ps John is a man full of vision. After just a short time, I felt as if we'd been friends for ages.

Ps John and I went for a walk in the local area. We noticed the Living Stone high school built by a Korean mission. We met two pupils there, who speak excellent English, one wants to be a pilot and the other wants to be a missionary. We prayed for them. See the photo.

On our return, Ps Suman arrived at the hotel. He really enthused me about the young people coming to Christ. Ps Suman said that some of the youngsters are walking for up to 5 days, to attend the youth camps. Yes I did say Five days!! So keen are they to hear God's Word. They will then return to their Churches and reach our to their local villages.

What a great first day. I am so excited about what tomorrow will bring!