Yes ... you read correctly: Today, is the halfway marker - Day Three!


Bread & Life International (BLi) would like to  take this opportunity to say an enormous THANK-YOU to all the kind and generous donations received this week through Virginmoneygiving and JustTextGiving as well! It's such a great personal motivation to the guys involved to know that this challenge will make a significant difference to the communities in Cambodia ... THANK-YOU-!

The meals, the photos and passion coming from all of this is truly wonderful. The continual creativity and enthusiasm for each meal is inspirational to be living on just £1 a day!  

It's so encouraging to be reading some of the comments and suggestions being left on the various meal photos this week! New things to try, other things to think about and the challenges ahead! 

Behind every beautiful photo, there is a story and tug-of-war going on ... It is a struggle, there are temptations and it seriously is a challenge. BUT, it's a challenge totally worth taking!!

Here's Becky with her thoughts from Day 2 & 3: 

Well, I am not sure that I had any expectations of how the five days would go, though probably slightly quicker!

Today was a bit more of a challenge due to needing concentration for work, I am finding its not so much the minimal quantity of food, but rather the ingredients that are inside! Fresh veg and fruit being replaced with doughy pizza, pasta and carbs, feel sluggish and bloated physically, lightheaded and tired. (Not that I am saying I am usually a health guru) Maybe I should have spent longer in the supermarket choosing wiser ingredients!

Anyway.... Biggest struggle so far?? Hmm, its 50/50 between Coffee and Chocolate! Though I do still have 12 pence to spend. Yes and concentration.

So blessed with supportive friends and family. Lets keep at it guys!
— Rebecca Butler