Day#04: Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner...Choices?


Today, a thought came to us that challenges us at its ROOT and that's because of variety we have available, a difference of options and simply a world of choices. 

But what if we had no choice. Does this instantly turn this challenge on its head into and into an endearing reality?

What if we only have one staple? Rice. Or one vegetable? Lettuce. ... and THEN anything else leftover we could throw in to make it a little more "interesting" from the meal before?

These last few days have not only been an opportunity to promote and raise the issue of "extreme poverty" with our own families, friends and community BUT its also been extremely thought-provoking. 

Many questions have crossed our minds this week. It's physical and mental impact it has had. The "what-ifs" questions. 

At the start of the week: one generic assumption was made. If you look back at Day#01 photos from the trolley. Everything is about substance. A "balanced diet" or our effort in trying to reach that. BUT what if we didn't have access to clean, crisp, safe drinking water? How does that then effect your budget and planning? What comes first then?

What if your budget was really £1 a day for everything and not just food and drink? The impact this might then have from your diet on to your work lifestyle day to day? Imagine eating the meals you've witnessed this week and then having to go out early each morning for long hours of physical manual labour?

It's questions and thoughts like these we'd like to raise and ask you the same question! Have we made wholesale assumptions this week? What impact would that have had on you? How has the word "choice" effected you this week? 

It'd be great if you could scribble down some of your emotions experienced this week, questions and thoughts that have risen as we've progressed along and what impact this might have on you "starting-up" life again next week, next month and into the future?