So...after such a phenomenal start on Monday, would Day02 prove to be just as captivating or not? Well, our honest answer is ...

TODAY has been just as enthralling with creative juices starting to be extracted and thrown into each meal. I think it's starting to take its toll. The general substitution of fresh veggies and fruit being replaced by rice, pasta and more carbs. Quantity instead of quality of diet. Thoughts of just "filling-out" from this meal to the next meal. Dare I say it ... tummy's rumbling at some point too?

Although it's only the second day, body apetites are having to "re-think" and adapt to the change in circumstances. Mental strength is required to resist certain 'normal' temptations. 

BUT, people around us are starting to take notice and ask about what's happening and why we're doing it. So is it all worth it ... YES IT IS!

Here's what's was on the menu today: (Quite a variety!) 

Strawberry yoghurt
Porridge and jam
Boiled egg on bread
Bowl of oats with a banana

Spaghetti with sausage and peas 
Scrambled and spaghetti with an apple
Juk / Congee with sausage and frozen stir-fry veggies
Leftover bean omelette with boiled spinach on rice

Pizza with additional cheese slices
Rice, onion, sweetcorn, sausages, tomatoes and a shared banana 
Improved Juk with fried egg and experimental baked banana
Bowl of vegetables served with poached egg


Great job today everyone. Tomorrow is the halfway point. Your all doing a fantastic job - so far so good! Let's push on.