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Breakfasts have consisted of, porridge made with water, and today as way to liven it up, a teaspoon of jam.

As the week has progressed, the time to feeling hungry before lunch has been gradually reducing.. from 11:30 am on Monday down to 10 am by Thursday.

Lunches have been a welcome break in the day, thanks to Ai Seok and her husband we have been well catered for. It’s amazing what you can make for around 30p!!.

Evening meals have been a bit more challenging for me:-

Monday:- Boiled new potatoes, carrots & 1 scampi.

Tuesday:- pasta, Passata & 5 grapes.

Wednesday:- Boiled new potatoes, mixed frozen veg & 1 fish finger.

Thursday:- pasta, Passata & some fruit.

The hunger is not overwhelming, but I’m certainly much more aware of the lack of calories as the week progresses.

I would certainly find it difficult to maintain this level of calorie restriction – especially when adding in physical exercise - which I have avoided this week.