EE Live below the line Challenge - Day1

Finally, 24th June 2013, the 5 of us here at EE are starting our the Live below the line Challenge. It was a challenge to agree a date where we could do it together, hence a 2 week delay from the rest of BLi. And we are really looking forward to this week where we will meet up for lunch, make a reckus and tell everyone in the cafeteria about this fantastic fundraising event.

EE will also match 25% of ALL donations so please donate generously at

Funds raise here will go directly to building a poultry farm for Solid Rock orphanage in Kampong Thom , clean water well (25m deep) for a poor village in Tropeang Cherey, playground for the children  and at the same time provide humanitarian aid, medical and dental clinics during the Bread and Life trip to Cambodia in July. 


Ai Seok was joined by husband and daughter and they all had porridge. They had to let it cool for a while but thankfully a little girl with goldi locks that come round to sample the porridge. Total cost of breakfast per person 4p. Actually all 5 of us had porridge for breakfast - yummy!



Egg fried rice for lunch. Total cost £1.68 to feed 5 with leftovers. Cost pax is 34p. We didn't quite expected the quantity and quality of lunch and it was great. It was great also to be able to enjoy a simple meal together. 

Lunch Fried Rice

Lunch Fried Rice


Armed with the remaining 50 odd pence. We all when home to have our individual dinners. More photos to follow. And have a wonderful evening!