EE Live below the line challenge - Day 2 Vivian's Blog


It was such a surprise today I didn’t feel as hungry as yesterday night. One slice of bread and 30ml soya milk gave me a full energy morning. 

I was starving by 11:00am  but a 3p cup of black tea saved my life.


Personally I thought lunch would be the best meal of the day. It made me feel so full. The more important is it was a great time to spend with colleague together chat and share our thoughts. Dear Ai Seok prepared egg fried rice mixed with vegetable for all. Though a big portion for everyone, it just cost 32p each, even 2p cheaper than yesterday. Fabulous!

Breakfast: Soya Milk + Bread



In order to add some vitamin today some fresh vegetable would be a good idea.  As fresh vegetable is expensive L I decided to make it a small simple dish tonight. Chinese style porridge (15p) and plain-frying fifth lettuce (25p). Fresh & Tasty!


Dinner: Chinese Porridge + fried lettuce

Dinner: Chinese Porridge + fried lettuce