Ecological Fish Farming!

Giant Snakehead

We are very excited to announce that this year's community fund project will be converting an existing pond into a fish farm at CareCorner Orphanage that can be sustainable for the orphanage with local food. The fishes reared would provide nutrition for the children at the orphanage and possibly have enough surplus to raise a small income to help the day to day cost of running the orphanage. The team is aiming to raise all the funds for this project.

The project involved raising the pond by filling the pond with soil until it is 1.5-2 metres deep. This will allow sunlight to permeate the entire pond to produce a eco live at the base of the pond. We will introduce snake head (toman) fish to eat the sickly fish, tilapia which feeds on algae and greens and cat fish to eat the droppings of the other fishes. We need to provide enough oxygen and with this ecological system and we will need very little or no fish feeds.