Bristol 10K 2011

What an EXCITING event it was!!! For most of us, months were poured in towards preparing for this event. I'm glad to announce that the Love Thailand team's participation in the Bristol 10K run was a HUGE success!! We all managed to finish the race and had fun!  Personally, this was an amazing experience. It took a while for me to decide whether I would do this run or not and for a while after registering, I was still panicking since I haven't actively been exercising for a very long time. Once training picked up, I got more confident with the outcomes of my effort and all of us runners supported each other in encouragement. Some of us even did training sessions together! Around 2 weeks before the run, I managed to land myself a foot injury and even up until now I haven't fully recovered. I also know that there are others like Hui King who did not manage to perform to their full potential due to injuries. But praise the Lord, He carried us all across the finish line on his grace and shielded us from harm with his mercy!On the day of the event, all of us arrived early, as to be expected of us excited participants. We had prayer together in the midst of over 11000 people who attended the event including spectators. After putting away bags and sorting out our numbers and chips, we head off to the line-up. I was amazed be the sheer number of runners, but even among the crowd, some of us still managed to run into friends (oh, the little blessings that God pour over us~) =) Not everyone started together, but as the race started and went on, even those who were together, drew apart. Everyone strived to do their best chasing the finish line, with eyes fixated on God's glory. Once everyone finished and regathered, we stayed around for pictures and another prayer. The event was truly exciting and I would definitely do it again! Congratulations again to everyone who ran and finished. The results are secondary to this amazing feat you have accomplished for God!~Ricky Au