Sponsor A Karen Child

Wow another opportunity to bless the children! Many are aware that the 2010 team went over to a Karen Village in Mae Tho and build a home there. The home has since been completed and fully operational. The children a up every morning at the crack of dawn, after breakfast and a few songs, they head off to school where they are taught the Thai language and the Thai curriculum. This will enables this generation of Karen children to integrate into the Thai society raise the village above the poverty line.

A donation of £20 a month will allow us to feed, cloth and provide the basic essentials for the children. It will also us to hire local Karen minder which in turn becomes a blessing to the village.

If you are interested in sponsoring one or more of these lovely children, please visit our DONATE page to put your donation through. We will send you information about the children and how they are progressing along. Also is you have any enquiry about the children, please contact us via the CONTACT page.

- Hui King