Cycle from Bristol to Weston Super Mare

The idea came about as we were brain storming on how we would raise fund and awareness for the trip to Thailand. This idea to cycle to Weston was a result of us wanting to push further from the previous fundraising ride from

Bristol to Bath. Ten of us started our journey from Bristol in the Templemeads train station. The ten were a diverse mix of rather experienced cyclists and first timers. Even though the journeymay seem short to some, nevertheless for some it was a big challenge. With a simplemap and gps phones, we pedaled out way to Weston, sometimes taking wrong turnsbut eventually finding out way there. Even though the goal of this trip was to raise funds and reach the Weston beach. We got more than we expected. As some of thecyclists do not cycle on a regular basis, it challenge for some. These challenges wereovercome as we did it as a group. We were all in this journey together. If one falls we would wait and pull him or her up again (semi literally speaking… no one had a bad fall). For many they also learnt to push bodies and limits by making the mind and the body submit to the spirit. Encouragement in the group was important to keep everyone going. As we reached Weston, even though later than expected, the laststretch we were cycling, I believe many would agree with me if I say that, was one of the best feelings we have experienced. As we cycled to the finishing line the sunshining at us, and feeling of achieving something, the cheering friends, and the bond we have built through this cycle was such an overwhelming feeling. We got more than we expected. Not only we raised funds for Love Thailand, we also learnt the meaning of teamwork. Something we would need when all of us go on this mission trip.

Eugune Loh