2 Timothy 2 v 15 : The approved worker

This week I would like to share about the 3 day Bible Conference held at Solid Rock BILEG. The week was dominated by the arrival of Dr Met Castillo and wife. Dr Met is the main speaker of the conference, also the director of several bible colleges and Dr Castro's teacher over 20 years ago. It was such a blessing to hear him speak. 

The theme of the conference was discipleship which we covered topics such as salvation, assurance of faith, word of God, prayer, church, will of God, and money and provisions. It was attended not only by the students and orphans of BILEG but also by the local pastors and Christians. 11 other pastors or leaders attended the conference. 

Oh how blessed it is to hear the word of God preached and valued among his peoples. We heard each of their testimony, full of hardships and trials. But we also hear of their perseverance, their faith and hope in Christ and his work on this earth.  

Dr Met Castillo.  

Dr Met Castillo.  

A significantly touching moment was when Dr Met prayed for the pastors. We have heard all about their work and they were blessed by the teaching and worship. In prayer, we dedicated their ministry. It was an incredible moment of unity, of brothership, of hope for the nation of Cambodia.  

Like the 12 apostles.  

Like the 12 apostles.  

Personally, I had an incredible sense of refreshment, of a refilling of the Spirit that I have not felt in a while. The significance of Jesus is Lord and King played about my head throughout the day. As the Bible conference draws to a close, my feet felt giddy as if walking on air.  

With it comes a revelation of the mission work. That it is received by faith with grace from God. From first to last.  

“For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed — a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “the righteous will live by faith”
— Romans 1v17

If I am converted by faith in the gospel, I will surely receive Holy Spirit by faith, reborn by faith, will receive his spiritual gift by faith, will transform my thinking by faith, will go wherever or whenever by faith. By that same faith, I will eat by faith, received money, power or blessing by faith, work the Lords work by faith, study medicine by faith or teach by faith. Of course. I will face trials by faith, suffer by faith, till the day where I hope to die by faith. From FIRST to LAST. 

How strange it is that (Hebrew 11) to be sure of something we hope for and certain of something we do not see could be so.... reassuring. Though not seen or nor physically holding the object to be pursued, but continually reliant and dependent on the Lord. That surely even if I placed effort and energy into a task, that the outcome is given thankfully to God. Instead of injustice that my efforts where not recognized or a weakness due to lack of independence, comes a power of humility, thankfulness, contentment and peace. Like a child feeling proud for his art work, but standing near by is his father, the provider of the paper, pencils, art class tuition and encouragement. 

How strange is it that as a child we can receive everything so freely with thankfulness yet feel more and more indebted when we grow older? Do We need to prove ourselves with acts of works? If you say I say this because I have more money then what about the poor who lives with satisfaction and contentment, knowing Jesus is Lord. 

If mission work if by faith as I am sure it is, are we not Reasurred? That we are privileged to join in this vision that is bigger than ourselves. In a world where we are content and thankful to a father that is nearby watching, slowly prodding us in the work that is to be done, giving us just what we need for the next step? Encouraging us in the Word of God, listening attentively to prayer, preparing greatness for those who are waiting? If not as if we are lying idle, but yet still walking, each action full of deliberate effort under the watchful all-knowing eyes of the Lord. 

I end this update with thankfulness in my heart and prayer for his work.  

  • Pray that the Lord will richly work in the hearts of the pastors and leaders  
  • Pray to submit all ministry whether children ministry, Sunday school, outreach, schools, hospital or feeding ministry into his open hands
  • Pray for Gloria, a friend who will be coming to visit. Also, pray for the Hong Kong teams arrival for medical ministry and for Michael arrival for setting up the hospital computer system.  

By faith.  

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