Nepal 2016 Nov | Day 2 | BLi x OMMA

Jayamasih :)

Last night I was invited to lead morning devotion (lots of notice as usual XD ), and I decided to share about Mark 1:17 where God promises us, as followers, that He will make us fishers of men. Interestingly, during the session, my translator, Pradhan, said Aaron (another BLi member who came to Nepal this summer) had already shared this?!?!?! but (thank God) it was only to a small group x). I guess I need to learn something new for next year. 

I was sharing at the morning devotion

I was sharing at the morning devotion

The team went out for a walk around enepa after breakfast. Benepa is located alongside the 'motorway' which links the east of Nepal to Kathmandu. There’s lots of traffic and lots of noise, and you can see lots of different Hinduism signs embedded in every corner of the town. Pray for the country!

Benepa High street 

Benepa High street 

Today Pastor John shared at both morning and afternoon sessions. In the morning session, he shared about the importance of discovering your high calling based on the story of how Peter's (aka Simon) life was changed after he followed Jesus.

Simon - meaning: Reed (type of plant) which is weak, and unstable...

Peter - meaning: Rock which is strong and stable...

We are all eagles deep inside but a lot of us have forgotten how to fly. We are so bound up by the world around us and it has made us believe that we can't fly. But through the power of our God and His Spirit, we can become a flying eagle - like Peter and not Simon.


The second session was focusing on the Power of the Holy Spirit. He wants the "no-body" to do his work, so everyone knows it's the power of the Spirit who is working and not us; He will receive all the glory!! Amen. The Holy spirit was working hard again and Pastor John was baptising people with the Holy spirit. 

Prayer requests: 

  • Continue to pray for the youths here in Nepal. Pray for teachable hearts and that they would be used in His kingdom.
  • Pastor Eva (aka Pastor Cool) is joining us tomorrow, YEAH!  Pray for her journey.
  • I am sharing at the morning session tomorrow. Pray for wisdom and all the words that I say will be from God.  

p.s. I think I have gained weight already...

p.p.s. I forgot to introduce you all to the OMMA team. I promise I will do it in the next blog.