Cambodia 2015: Day 6 - Solid Rock

Cambodia 2015: Day 6 - Solid Rock 

Solid Rock - a church, an orphanage, a school and a hospital!

We have ministered alot with Ps. Castro and his team over the last few days but today was the first day of the trip that we were able to spend most of the day with his team at their base premise.


Solid Rock Orphanage houses 60 children and boarders and the school has over 300 children. The hospital building was just completed at the end of 2014 and have the basic setup of rooms (but yet to be operational) like operating theatre, pre-op room, scrub room, X-ray, A&E, dental room, chapel, offices, doctors lounge, cafeteria, doctors and nurses rooms and wards.  


Ps. Castro has a vision of starting a nursing college in the near further as there is a real need for nurses here and also an opportunity for the orphanage children finishing school and those interested in medical studies, could continue their training here. Currently the available courses are only available in Phnom Penh which is more than 3 hrs drive from here.


We started the day at the hospital with the medical clinics and saw about 50 patients in the morning. Jonny shared from Luke 4:18-19 before we opened the clinic. During the course of the morning we saw a 22 year old girl requiring minor surgery to remove a small and painful lump under her breast. Dr Ningwen wanted to operate on her after the clinics but later decided to postpone it until tomorrow. During the course of the clinic, we were able to minister to her, share the gospel and lead her to Christ - Praise God! We invited her and her mum for tomorrow's Sunday service and lunch then afterwards Dr Ningwen would perform the surgery. Pray that it will all goes smoothly.


Solid Rock - church, orphanage, school, hospital! We have ministered such much with pastor Castro and team but today were the first day of the trip that we were able to spend most part of the day at their premises. Solid rock Orphanage houses 60 children and boarders and the school has over 300 children.


Also during the morning session, the team was able also distribute the kindly donated feminine packs by our wonderful friends at Natracare to the orphanage. Thank you Natracare!


Following this, Jonny & co. led ukelule lessons with the children there with the ukelule itself later on being kindly donated by team member - Ai Choo & her husband Albert.


After lunch, we also visited the chicken coup which was built on the previous BLi mission, which has wonderful multiplied and now houses 85 chickens! The orphanage also enjoy regular fresh eggs from the farm as part of their daily diet.


In the afternoon, we were invited to attend the local football tournament. The football tournament was organised by Solid Rock to build closer relationships with the school and introduce the children to sport and also an opportunity to build friendships and share the gospel with them. They have been playing weekly since early February and today was the last game of the rainy season and also classed as the finals of the tournament too. The various teams were also invited to tomorrow's church service. 


Boy - was it wet and muddy!

The exhibition match was between Bread & Life International + Solid Rock  = Solid Life FC footballers ...  vs. the organiser's of the event: Kampung Thmor church! 


Coming from the UK, there was a natural expectation to perform to a high standard ... The game started at a furious pace on a water logged pitch (yes plenty of excuses already!) and was evenly poised. Followed by a lot of skilful footwork, superb keeping and a fantastic shooting attempts ... there were 2 unfortunate goals conceded late on in the game in which the team was unable to recover from it.


A wet and fun end to a wonderful day working and playing with our friends at Solid Rock!
— HuiKing