Happy 2017!

Well Happy New Year to you all. With Christmas and the New Year’s day out of the way, we can finally look with excitement and anticipation what 2017 might bring. For me, the first big item in 2017 is the London Marathon. Yes, I will be running it and yes, it’s going to be the full marathon; all 26.2 miles and yes, going to be in London and yes, I am excited but apprehensive. 

I guess running a marathon has always been a lifelong dream of mine, a nice little thought at the back of my mind that one day (in the distant future) I may run it. However, all have changed last year when I was given the privilege to run for Bread & Life International, BLi. Wow! What an opportunity! To be challenged to run my dream and at the same time to raise funds for projects in Philippines and Cambodia. (More about these projects and what BLi does in my next update). I do mean that it will be a challenge, although I feel fit, I would be classified as obese using the BMI.

So 2017 might come along with a lot of uncertainly, but let us take every opportunity to do good towards all and in our own little way make 2017 better. Maybe you could also sponsor me at  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/BLi_LM2017. The funds raised will go directly to projects in Philippines and Cambodia via BLi and it will also encourage me a whole lot to train this obese body to submission. 

Once again, a bless and great 2017.