By the grace of God, BLi will be bringing a mission team back to Cambodia this summer – a beautiful country which is struggling to heal the scars from one of the worst genocides in modern history. 

Our beloved Dr Ivan Yow, went to Cambodia for 3 months as a medical missionary doctor in 2016. He was encouraged by the work God has done and also note that the harvest is still plentiful, but the workers are few. 

This June mission, we will mainly be supporting Pastor Nuth Pich who has started a young church, an orphanage, HIV centre and feeding ministry at the Krattie province.

General Information

When will the trip take place?
Tentatively from the 25th June to 1st July (subject to change). 

What is our vision?
To encourage the work done by Pastor Nuth Pich by preaching the word of God, organising medical / dental clinics, children ministry and feeding ministry. This will be done in his provinces and around Krattie province. 

What will we be doing in the Krattie province?
There will be 3 main focuses during this trip:

1.    Preaching

The volunteers should prepare their testimony and share the gospel. This requires some preparation and some might not feel comfortable with it. It should incorporate the elements of sin, Jesus, God, and sanctifying work of the spirit. We do not aim to replace the work of the pastor, but should not be ashamed to share the gospel again in the hope more can be saved and to encourage the work there. A translator will be made available.

2.    Medical and Dental clinics

There will be mobile clinics, with a triage station followed by doctor and then pharmacist station. This trip will include many patients with HIV. Please be aware! Use gloves when dealing with blood products and dental procedures. Otherwise, do not ostracize them, but show love. Dental team needs preparation and only clinical or trained staff should be allowed to handle equipment’s. Acknowledge risk of 0.1-0.3% of needle stick transmission.

We also firmly believe that health education be an important part of this mission. I have done Cambodian health leaflets which can be distributed. 

3.    Children Ministry

There will be 100 orphans and many children with HIV. The aim is to show love via games, songs, and plant the seed that Jesus is a lover of children and a healer. This also includes the feeding ministry which aims to feed the children. 

Please prayerfully consider if this missions trip is correct for you. If you are interested or should have any further questions then please complete your interest / question below.

Finally, as the team prepares for this missions to Cambodia - Your prayers would be very welcome too!


the BLi team

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