BLi x London Marathon 2017: One week to go!!

Wow, 7 days to go. I've done my last long run 2 weeks ago and am now in my taper period where the main goal is to reduce the running and resting the body for the big day. The taper period is different. Strangely, I actually have to resist the going for long run, especially in this magnificent weather. It also means careful dieting. Before, I could eat almost anything  because of the miles I've been putting in, but now the last thing I need is to carry extra weight during the marathon. So proper healthy meals :-( 


This period also frees up time to reflect. Sometimes I would be nervous and entertain the occasional thoughts of "oh what if I don't finish the marathon", "oh its only 7 days or 164 hrs away(at time of writing)",  "panic attack!!!", but other times I would feel confident and glad that I'll taken up this challenge. It will be a personal milestone (a 26.2 mile milestone) this being my first marathon, and the privilege of running with 40,000 people in the great city of London. On top of that, I have a great cause that I will be running for i.e. to support an orphanage in Philippines. I am excited that I will be personal travelling to Philippines (5 days after the marathon) with a team from Bread & Life International, will visit and minister at the orphanage. The money raised will be given directly to the orphanage. So please do support me and our cause.

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God Bless (really really not long to go at all!)

Hui King