BLi x London Marathon 2017: 10 days to go!!

Wow, less then 2 weeks to go before the London Marathon 2017 and I am starting to get the jitters!


I ran the Reading 1/2 Marathon 4 weeks ago and finished under the 2hrs mark and it turned out to be my personal best too. This told me 2 things, firstly that I am probably at my fittest since my university days (which is a long time ago!) and secondly... I am nowhere fit enough to run a FULL marathon yet...I was absolutely shattered after the 1/2. 


Anyway, the preparation continues. Last week we had a massive cake sale to raise funds for the up coming Philippines trip at the end of April 2017. I am having difficulties trying to convince my wife that eating the cakes from the cake sale was an integral part of my marathon training, but I'm sure she will come round somehow!


This past weekend, I did my final long run/walk hitting approx. 30km in slightly less than 4 hours. Probably the longest distance I have ever covered in a single stretch and also well short of the 42 km.


I've found that it is not only physically but also mentally at my limit - yes I have "hit the famous wall!" I just could not walk after that.

They say that on marathon day, the crowd will carry you last 10km, that is my game plan I guess though I would preferred it if they literally carried me for the last 10k.


Lastly, a big shout out for those doing "Live below the Line" last week. They were living on £1 a day for 5 days in modern day UK/Asia to raise awareness on what it would feel like to live on the global poverty line. The team was also raising funds for the upcoming Philippines trip. 


I was forbidden to participate in this year's Live Below the Line in view of my marathon training (gutted!). But I wish to achieve the same aims, i.e. to raise awareness and funds for the Philippines. 


VirginMoneyGiving Fundraising weblink:

Bread & Life International Missions weblink:


Thank you for your unbelievable support this far!


God Bless (really not long to go at all!)

Hui King