Nepal 2016: Day 3 - Nala

Wednesday 13th July 2016

Today, we went to Nala, a small village, to run a full day clinic. When we arrived, there were already patients waiting to see doctors. The team quickly set up the medical clinic, dental clinic and physiotherapy room. Medication desk and the medical diagnosis are in the medical room. Dental treatment and triage are sharing the dental room. The nurses and other volunteers from CRS worked together with BLi volunteers in looked after triage, the medication desk and helped Jason in the dental clinic. Therefore, both BLi and CRS volunteers can gain a wider range of experience. Medical clinic was operated by Ivan and assistants and physio was operated by Sharon. Also, we have a large number of translators helping in the clinics.

The morning was busy with a large number of patients. Benson and Aaron managed the queues using a photo taking technique. Sarina and Gloria looked after the kids. All clinics worked very hard and tried to help as many patients as possible. Although there were a few patients didn't want to wait and went home before their turn to see the doctor, most of the patients were seen and treated. Again, the physio was very useful helping many patients with back pain and knee pain. After lunch, it became less busy and the team managed to finish seeing all patients by the end of the day.

Despite of the busy morning, the clinics were run smoothly today. When we saw the smile on the villagers' face, all hard work seems worthwhile - Derek