Nepal 2016: Day 2 - Nala and Keraghari

Tuesday 12th July 2016

Our Nepal team was split in two today; one left for a village in Nala, while the other proceeded on to Pastor Pradhan's place to assist with rebuilding works at Keraghari village. 

Nala Village

The Bread & Life Internationl team and the Crisis Relief Singapore team continued their medical and dental clinics at Nala where they treated patients of various ailments. The children's ministry led by Sarina went on concurrently where the children were taught basic Nepalese and English through songs and stories. 

We ended the day with a worship with the elderly people living at the Emmanuel Old Age Home at Rophecca. Dr. Ivan then shared about the Parable of the rich (mark 10:17-29) and encouraged everyone to look forward to an eternity that will be far more glorious than our current afflictions.

One of the highlights was the journey to Nala and back. Driving through perilous terrains, our bus driver navigated effortlessly to bring the team safely to our destination and back. 

We are really grateful to God for how smoothly and fruitful this day has been. - Denyse

Keraghari village

Today the construction team went to help prepare and level the ground for the building of a new house for the pastor of the daughter church which is 14km away from the church in Keraghari village. The work involved excavating the ground, and redistributing the soil to create a level ground. After the initial excitement over digging, we settled with a more efficient and energy saving rotation system to organise everyone's roles. It ws amazing how well the team worked together and we completed the levelling and excavation. We started at 10am finished at about 3pm

Food-wise, we went pass Keraghari and stopped for some chai tea and organic coffee break. For lunch, we had very tasty lentil dal with chicken and rice and mango. After the works was complete, we went to visit the Keraghari coffee shop (again!) for banana lassi.

We also visited the to-be-completed church of Keraghari, and pastors house that was reduced from 3-storey building to a 1-storey building due to the earthquake.