1. Can anyone join the Live Below the Line Challenge?

Everyone is welcome to take part in this fundraising challenge. Please seek guidance and advice from your doctor prior to taking on this challenge. For those under 18 yrs old, please get permission from your parent or guardian.

Finally, don't do this alone ... better share and invite your friends, family and co-workers ... they might surprise you and say YES!! One equals one...equals a pretty tough five days. We encourage you to take on this challenge with your friends side by side or as a team.

Please be accountable, sensible and safe with this event. This challenge brings 'perspective' BUT please have fun doing it and above all be safe as well. Thank you once again for fundraising for the projects that Bread & Life International are supporting this year in Thailand.


2. How do I keep track of how much I’m spending, and what can I buy for £1 a day? 

We would recommend that you spend your entire budget of £5 at the start of the week. You can then use the cost of your portions to determine how much you’re spending per meal, to ensure you’re feeding yourself on only £1 a day. We recommend doing research and creating a shopping list, sticking to generic staples such as pasta, lentils, rice, bread, vegetables, potatoes and oats.


3. Do I have to count tap water in my budget? 

No. Tap water is free for Live Below the Line.


4. What if I feel unwell during Live Below the Line

If you feel at all unwell during the campaign, please cease immediately and see your doctor.


5. I live overseas, but would still like to take part in the campaign. How can I do this? 

If you’re living continue ahead with the setup of your VirginMoneyGiving page. Just remember that donations are in Pounds sterling, and that £1 will be a very different figure wherever you live. f you should have any queries then please do contact:


6. When do donations close? 

There is no closing date. You can keep fundraising and receiving donations.


7. Can I collect donations offline? 

Yes. Download the offline sponsorship form and remember to ask sponsors for GiftAid.



8. Are there other ways of donating?

Yes there are! You can either setup a VirginMoneyGiving fundraiser page or use the offline sponsorship form or finally ask the sponsor to use JustTextGiving: 

JustTextGiving is a wonderfully quick and simple way to donate and support the projects BLi is involved with this year in Cambodia where 100% goes directly to the charity . . . best of all it takes less than 1min to donate straight from your mobile phone!

More information about JustTextGiving can be found here.


9. What if I don't use Facebook, how should I blog and share my Live Below the Line Challenge with my sponsors?

This is totally fine. We realise not everyone use's Facebook and so we've decided to not only post every participated daily entry on Facebook but also create a new section on this website as well!


If your happy to share your photos, videos, thoughts and experiences whilst aking on the Live Below the Line Challenge then please do email your daily blog entries to:


10. If I'm able to invite and "recruit" friends and family, how many can I have in my team?

The sky's the limit actually! The more people you get involved and share this awareness and initiative the better! On a personal note, the more people involved the "bigger" the budget and the greater the possibilities for the five day challenge ahead! So go share and RECRUIT!! 

More questions? 

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