Philippines 2017_Day 2


"Doctors, Dentists & Delores"

"Morning Devotion & Worship" _Henna Tan

The rooster right outside our bedroom windows started his day at 4 in the morning, attempting to get everyone to join him. Unfortunately, we were too tired after a long day of travel.

Woke up at 5.45am instead (thanks to Elliot's morning call) to the beautiful view of the river and clear wide skies. We all made our way down to the seating area where the kids were waiting for us; seated quietly and obediently on their chairs. They were curious to meet this team of strangers and we were delighted to see these innocent spirits. 

Our morning started with a prayer by a 5 year old boy and then on to worship. The joy it brought me to see that the little child's courage and boldness to pray was just the beginning of it all. God was working amazing things in these little ones. As the guitar started strumming, the voices of the kids surrounded the whole place. They were singing with all their hearts, voice and strength. Can't help but smiled the whole way through worship, such a joy it was to share in the excitement and passion these kids have for singing to our King.

We then had a quick breakfast and went for a hike up the prayer mountain.


"Morning Devotion & Worship" _Alice Wong

The day started bright and early with 6am devotion. True enough, at this early hour of the day, we saw the children from the orphanage gathering on the ground floor and seated, in anticipation for the morning prayers and bible reading. It was the first day on the mission field and many of the BLi team were battling jet lag and sleeplessness, but as each team member trundled down the stairs sleepily and weary, we were greeted with a vibrant and boisterous 'good morning!' as a chorus of children's voices filled the air. This was definitely enough to awaken the soul and bring life into the tired bones.

It was such a delight to see the children seated in their chairs, eyes closed, hands clasped in prayer and hearts poised to worship the Lord. These children were as young as 12 months, and the majority were under age 10. They needed no coercion nor stern instruction, but willingly and whole-heartedly sat in the presence of the King. One of the girls, 17 years old Clarie, led us in spirit-filled worship and 5 years old David prayed for that we may prepare our hearts to receive the Word. Pastora Fely spoke about our necessity to remain attached to the vine, that we can bear much fruit when connected with Him, and apart from the Lord Jesus, we can do nothing. 

Naomi shared on Isaiah 61, prophetically proclaiming the very reason for us being in this land, "For the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon us, to bind the broken hearted and to set the captives free.." Indeed, we come not in our own strength but are empowered by the same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. 

It was such a wonderful morning, to see the children give their all in worship brought me to tears; no wonder the Lord tells us that we are to come to Him as little children - in innocence and with great expectation. 

Soon after breakfast we gathered the team to trek up to Prayer Mountain. It was a short 10 minute climb up a mountain which was positioned at the back of God's Children's home. As we stood on top of the mountain, seated in a wooden hut specifically erected at the very top for man to spend quality time with the Lord, we found ourselves overlooking the expanse of the Delores river and the neighbouring villages. Yang led us in spontaneous worship, and even as we prayed over San Isidro and the Philippines, we had no doubt that God was so real in this place. Indeed, God had raised people from the dead in this land, and we too had come with hearts full of excitement and expectation of what He was going to do.


"Afternoon Session" _Henna Tan

The children made their way back to the children's home promptly at 11am for their session with Yin and Yang. We sang "Our God is a Great Big God" with actions; and oh boy did they pick it up quick. Yin then did her teaching on being part of God's kingdom where God is King and we are all his princes and princesses. The kids then had a time of arts and crafts where they were given glitter and stickers to decorate little gold and silver crowns. We all had fun chipping in and helping the kids. When everyone was done decorating the crowns, we placed them all on the table and crowned each and every child with one; and as they were crowned, they were given specific instructions to now behave like princes and princesses - seating upright, the royal wave and curtsy/ bow for greeting. The kids had a good laugh watching Yang demonstrate the way of royalty.

We had plenty of crowns left at the end of the session which we found came into good use the next few days.

Our very first medical/ dental clinic of the trip. We started off with the perfect venue (Delores church) and layout. We had the triage downstairs and the clinics upstairs with the pharmacy and the prayer team right next to each other. We started off slightly slow, running only on one medical clinic, whilst I set up pharmacy and trained up the very qualified accountant, Yang, to dish out medicine.

There were lots of laughter and joy through the day especially coming from the prayer team. One especially memorable was an 80 year old lady who wanted prayer for a boyfriend; Genesis 2:18 – “it is not good for man to be alone” knows no age limit. Halfway through our clinic, a lady walked in and just as she was about to be seen, she started fitting. Her husband started giving her CPR whilst I continued to stare and went through the ALS algorithm in my mind. At that moment as a Christian doctor, apart from making sure she doesn't injure herself, all I could really do was put her into a recovery position and pray. Unfortunately, we had not packed any rescue meds with us; thankfully she stopped after 3 minutes. We carried her to the prayer corner and waited for her to come round. It then surfaced that her husband has been taking her to the witch doctor for protection charms. Pastor Fely and a team of ladies prayed for her and eventually cut of the witch charm from her waist She instantly declared that she felt so much lighter and free once that was taken off her.

The rest of clinic ran smoothly and we packed up for home after approximately 35 medical and 15 dental patients.

To be able to run a medical/ dental clinic with praise and worship and exciting sharing echoing from the downstairs hall was just another experience. How amazing it was to be reminded of the very essence of what we were doing in Philippines was not merely what we’re achieving on the
surface - medical check-ups and drug giving; but more importantly to harvest as the harvest is plentiful.  Praise and worship and preaching may not be as loud in our workplace back in our homeland, but may we constantly be reminded of God’s power and sovereignty over our lives
and the bigger calling.  


"Afternoon Session" _Alice Wong

In the afternoon Elliott and Benson had prepared some Bible studies, but as mission trips will have it, things don't often go according to plan, and expecting the unexpected becomes the norm.

The bible studies were prepared with the view that it would be conveyed to bible believing Christians, but Pastora Fely was quick to inform us that the people who had now gathered in the church awaiting the medical and dental clinics were mostly non-believers. In receipt of this news, the guys bounced into action, Benson was to share his testimony, Alice was to preach and Elliot was to reenact a story from the bible. There was unity and cohesiveness amongst the three as the Holy Spirit moved powerfully. When the opportunity was given for the congregation to respond to the salvation message, every single person in that building stood up and was ready to say the sinner's prayer! To God be all the glory! There were tears of joy and heartfelt prayers spoken - indeed the angels were rejoicing as people's eternities were secured in heaven.

And as the people moved into the medical clinic, some gave testimonies of how they had just given their life to Jesus only moments before - it was truly a momentous occasion.

The euphoria of seeing people added into the kingdom of God was quite overwhelming, but we soon noticed that the children of Delores were also now gathering at the footsteps of the church, and seizing this opportunity we appealed to the children with song and play.  
The street became a place for the children to sing unto the Lord as the team led the large gathering of children into praise and worship with 'Our God is a Great Big God', 'Father Abraham' and 'I have decided to follow Jesus' just to name a few. The voices of the children praising God were soon heard by the BLi team members upstairs who were treating those who were unwell. This brought about a refreshing wind and a renewed sense of purpose and focus for our attendance in this precious land.

The curious adults in Delores also gathered as the commotion on the streets grew, and the name of Jesus was lifted up even higher as the community witnessed the joy and freedom that God alone brings.