It's Nearly Time...

Rural Village in  Prey Veng  . Cambodia (May 2013)  © Deevyesh Bodalikar     

Rural Village in Prey Veng . Cambodia (May 2013)  © Deevyesh Bodalikar


I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. Let’s make that world of difference together.
— Mother Teresa

The World Bank defined the international poverty line as $1.25 (approx. £1) a day in 2005. As of 2010, the world has 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty, that’s 20.6% of the global population, that’s over 20 times the UK population ... all living every day in extreme poverty right now. This is for EVERYTHING... Food. Medicine. Transportation. Clothes. Shelter. Education. Everything.

The Live Below the Line challenge is simple. The participant will be individually living on £1 each day for 5 days for food and water only. That's a budget of £5 each to cook, eat, drink 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner every day for 5 days!

This Blog and the  BLi Facebook Page  will be documenting and sharing the participant's five day journey into extreme poverty and social injustice for every meal that is made, thoughts that are conceived and emotions experienced. It certainly won't be easy!


It's nearly time. We hope you are all as excited and anxious as we, the team at Bread & Life International all are! This is of course the very first year, the charity has organised the Live Below the Line challenge! We're ALL eagerly awaiting to see how the next FIVE DAYS unfold!


All funds raised will go towards the charity's Cambodian partner, Hebron International Hospital and their community projects this year in Cambodia. Please support us in two simple ways: 


1. via VirginMoneyGiving:

2. via JustTextGiving:  Text " LOAF05 £10 " to 70070 from any UK mobile


Have a FANTASTIC WEEK: Have Fun . Be Sensible . Spread the Word and share the Cause! 


with love, 

The BLi Team