THAT FRIDAY FEELING!! This eye-opening five day experience with all it's "consequences" has taken it's toll BUT wow... these meals and photos are only getting better and better! ^-^ A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!!


Porridge Sachet

Sausage, Egg on Toast

Bowl of Oats and a Banana

Porridge oats and Jam


Spaghetti and Peas

Sausage Sandwich

Bacon Pasta

Passata and Rice, Mixed Veg with Red Kidney Beans, Onion and Ham.


Spaghetti, Tomato and cheese

Bowl of Juk / Congee

Oats & Roast Potatoes and Carrots

Chipata, Passata, Ham and Egg, Mixed Veg, Tomato and Red Kidney Beans and an Apple.