HONG KONG - we salute you!

Today, the Live Below Challenge also began "internationally" in HONG KONG with a wonderful friend Terence Ho!! We'd love to share with you his food diary as he begins his five day challenge in Hong Kong:


"For FIVE Days, living on 15HKD each day for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. . . will you support the cause?

Although not in the UK with the team, I will also be supporting the cause of fighting World Poverty. 

So what will I do? It's simple... 

For a FIVE day period I will spend no more than 75 HKD on food and drink, calculating all that goes into my meals.
This works out to 15HKD/Day for three meals.
No sneaky snacks or treats.
No freebies from 'charitable' friends.
No skipping meals to save money

15 dollars may not sounds like much to you or me, but over 2 Billion people across the world live off less than that each day. So, challenge yourself. Next time you look at your plate, count our blessings and how we can share and bless others. "

Meal Diary:
I'll be updating to keep a record of costs and stay on track of the challenge, maybe show off some (if I do) creative recipes from a limited supply of base ingredients. Stuff in HK aint cheep... 

Day 1
To my friends who know me and my stomach, you'll know that I like to eat. borderline love. Just last night I had some friends over for some delicious Coq au Vin with some roast taters... delish. I wouldn't say I am over indulgent in my eating. I do count the costs and even calories, but 15HKD!! Today is the start of a real challenge.

Breakfast (1.2 HKD)
Most important meal of the day as people say. I kicked off with a big bowl of porridge. Mixed up with freshly boiled water. No condiments. Not too tasty but I can't argue. It's healthy, filling and does the job.

Lunch (5.5 HKD)
I cooked a simple tomato and garlic pasta the night before with a few left over ingredients. Taking into account even the oil and herbs used, a moderate sized plate cost less than I expected.

Dinner (5.9HKD)
Hit the gym after work and then went to the market to buys some groceries. Found a gem of a buy, a veg stall was selling discounted and then BOGOF veggies! Bought a kilo of Chinese spinache for only 5 dollars! Also procured some beans, eggs and some bananas. Should last the next few days. 

So for dinner cooked up a bean omlette and boiled spinache on rice. made enough for tomorrow's lunch box too. nice.

Well done Terence! What an inspirational start to the week! Keep it up ... we're all cheering you on from across the "pond!"