Love Thailand is becoming Bread & Life International: Restore, Rebuild & Revive

Exciting news! Following our trips to Burma and Thailand this year and doors opening to Cambodia (more of this to follow), we have outgrown the current name "Love Thailand" as much as we have grown to love it. During a SGM meeting on 30th Sept 2012, all members present voted to have the name changed to Bread & Life International: Restore, Rebuild & Revive. The name is consistent to our charitable belief. "Bread" charities has in the days past always associated with alms and providing for the poor and needy. Bread is symbolic of the basic necessary of life both physical and spiritually speaking. Life is what we believe in, that humans should have a whole and abundant life, whether it is housing for children, building farms so that life can be self supporting or medical missions - they all have a theme of improving and making life whole. The subtitles Restore, Rebuild and Revive are basically the means we operate. We have submitted the name change request with the Charity Commission. So do pray that this will be a smooth process.

And do watch this space and we will be advertising our 2013 trips soon!