Love Thailand 2011 Team Member's Testimony


Love Thailand Mission Trip has been a precious and refreshing experience. I have learned alot from the people and environment I encountered with. Many people, young and old, havebeen through real suffering and experienced losses in their lives. But the moment they opened up their hearts to God, their lives are renewed. When I learned about the stories of how Goddelivered them, I cannot help feeling amazed by the depths of God's love. It's an eternal hope & promise for the people that 'nothing can separate us from the love of God'. 'What kills the body cannot kill the soul'. One of the highlights of this trip was the day we went for prayerwalk inside a Buddhist temple. We had the opportunity to talk to and pray for a lady who wasfacing a major decision of whether to become a nun or not. We also prayed for a nun who hadserious backache. As we interacted with them, we can tell that they were still searching forthe one true God who can heal their hearts and their body. I believe that those were all divine appointments from God. This is the driving force for me to keep sharing the Good News to more people so that their lives may be changed too.The people there have so little materially, but their simple way of life tells me that I don’tneed a lot to lead a meaningful life. On the day I was back, Kevin (my fiance) shared withme an insight he had from a quote and it relates well to my mission trip experience -- ‘Thebiggest desert is the ocean itself’. The ocean is like the money, power and status that manypeople are running after in the world. No matter how much they have, they do not seem to besatisfied. They only want more and more to fill the empty hole inside their hearts. Some slipinto depression when they saw all they have been striving for have led them to nothing. Whatis the purpose of life? 'What is good for men or women to gain the whole world but lost theirlife?' I am so touched by the unconditional sacrifices of the missionaries there. While they did nothave much of their own, they still gave all they have to the people. They opened orphanage,children home, churches and bible schools to serve and reach out to places where the Gospelis unknown. In the process of their faithful offering, God continued to provide to their needsmiraculously. Their faith soared above the circumstances that they could move mountainsafter mountains. Their testimonies were examples of how God is indeed faithful and just andwill provide when we trust and follow Him. Coming back from the mission trip, my love for the Thai & Karen people have grown. I went there with the intention to give something to the needy but ended up receiving more. I hope tobe able to apply what I have learned from the trip -- that is, to live a simple life, to love Godand love people authentically. This first mission trip experience is only the beginning. God willing, I hope to go back again. Hopefully I'll be able to speak more Thai and would have developed greater tolerance over mosquitos’ bites by then :) Lastly, I want to especially thank a lovely couple (as requested, I won't mention yournames here) who have sponsored me to join the trip as a wedding gift. It is truly special and unforgettable. THANK YOU to Everyone who have supported 'Love Thailand' in one way oranother! God bless Thailand. รักประเทศไทย