Live Below the Line Challenge

Live Below the Line for Bread & Life International:

Today, 1.4 billion people are currently living in extreme poverty on £1 a day. Think about it. The figure 1.4 billion, that’s 20 times the population of the UK ... who ARE living every day in extreme poverty. Fact.

At Bread & Life, we believe that this is a cause worth fighting for. The people we meet and the projects we fundraise for, are to eradicate statistics like this today.

Would you take up the challenge of 'living below the line' off just £1 per day for 5 days with food and water only. This is the challenge set for 20 -25 May 2013.

If your interested and would love to participate and be involved … first action: ‘like’ this post. Second action: Go share it with someone and get them involved! Final action: Check back soon!

How much change and sponsorship can you make from £1? Be that difference.

More information to follow soon. Thankyou.