Nepal 2015 - Mission Overview

Since the devastating Nepal Earthquake in April 2015 that killed more than 8,000 people and left thousands injured and homeless, Nepal is a country very much in recovery.


NEWS REPORT: Nepal one month after the quake: 'The emotional impact has been devastating'


Bread & Life International will be in Nepal from 07 – 16 November 2015. The missions team will be partnering with our good friend Pastor John Lee Suk and the OMMA (Oceania Medical Missions Association).

The missions trip will have three main focuses with their time in Kathmandu & Benepa: 

1.    Operating daily medical and dental clinics

2.    Building shelter and housing projects with an aim of 100 new homes

3.    Running workshop sessions at a Youth Conference Rally of 700 students


There is an tremendous need to help the community of Nepal on it's recovery process after the earthquake and we'd be incredibly grateful if you would help and partner with us in raising vital funds towards the building costs of these new homes.


The missions team will be running a variety of differing fund raising events in the build up towards going out to Nepal. If you've come across one of these already, please talk to the team member whose joining the trip out to Nepal and support them through their event and/or via our charity online VMG page:


Thank you for your continual support and encouragement,

the BLi Team