Done, Dusted with Brains Bombarded!

Now that we’ve finished the race, I can say that the four of us have done our very best despite being amateurs and not having enough time to practice.


Although in some of our photos, we look like we were having so much fun ( - which we did!),the truth was we basically dropped dead on the dusty ground right after the 2hrs+ run, with our brains bombarded with pain signals from the whole body…!


But I would also like to thank God for the super good weather and sunshine, the resources provided by Vitality during and after the race, and the hundreds and thousands of supporters who cheered, played music, and voluntarily gave out water, candy, and even beer (!) … What an unforgettable experience!


Just a kind reminder that we accepted this challenge in order to raise money for Bread & Life International to help the people in Cambodia this summer. The fundraising is still on … so please donate! Either as an act of generosity or an appreciation of our hard work!


Thank you!

Emma, Esther, Oscar & Benson