Disaster Relief Training Workshop

Dear friends and supporter,

Bread & Life International will be holding a "Disaster Relief Training" seminar and workshop on 27th September 2014. 

Our speaker will be Dr Koon Jin Lim, founder of Crisis Relief Singapore!

He has a wealth of experience, having lead many teams into disaster hit areas including Ilo Ilo Philippines (Typhoon Haiyan), Haiti and trips as early as the Turkey earthquake back in 1999. He will be sharing his journey with us on how he started, the situation on the ground, real life experiences in disaster hit areas, and cases he has seen. He will also cover how to prepare on these trips, hot trips and cold trips and the common medical conditions, psychological impact and the preparation of a team.

The workshop event is open to all medical professionals interested in how to apply their medical training on mission! It's going to be a fantastic event to learn and network, so please share this post!


If you are interested then why not make the most of the pre-booking offer too!



The BLi Team


Note. Pre-booked tickets will only be available until 10pm on Fri 26th September 2014.

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