Cambodia 2015: Day 2 - Khun Mook Village near Siem Reap

Day 2 - Khun Mook Village near Siem Reap 


Today the BLI team joined Pastor Joseph in Khun Mook village - just outside of Siem Reap. Pastor Joseph established a children's feeding centre here in the late 1990s, shortly after meeting Pastor Castro and coming to Christ.  Since then the centre has moved three times and now feeds up to 60 children daily from the local community!


Our day started with worship lead by Pastor Joseph, Yin and the local Khmer team.  Dr Ivan delivered an encouraging sermon on looking to the bread of life; Jesus - even beyond our daily struggles for paying the bills and daily sustenance.


The team then set up for the day, with health clinics being run for the local children and families.  Nearly 80 cases, including some families, were seen with medicines being prescribed through the pharmacy.  The children's ministry was a real hit, with the children building their own animal masks with Brian, Yin and Jonny.


A water filtration system was set up with improvements from yesterday including improved water flow by pre-soaking elements of the filter.  The system will provide clean water for cooking and drinking.


In the afternoon the children's programme continued with balloon games with Yuk and Yin and bible songs and stories.  


Part of the team then went on to distribute a selection of seeds to local families and farmers. The team even got involved with tilling and helping plant seeds in local farmers vegetable patches. The seeds will be grown to enrich their diet and the surplus sold to supplement their income.


At the end of the day the team went to the local night market and enjoyed dinner in town and buying supplies for the remainder of the weeks' ministry.


Tomorrow sees the team travel to Kampong Thom after a brief cultural visit to Angkor Wat.


Signing out for the night from Siem Reap!
— Mike