Bristol - Bath Cycleton 2014

::Bristol - Bath Cycleton 2014::

Yes that's right ... the famous BLi Bristol to Bath Cycleton returns this year to kick start the first of many wonderful fundraising events for this summer's mission trip to Thailand in supporting and raising funds for projects with the local Karen refugees and orphanages in Mae La and Chiang Mai Thailand!

If your looking for a fun, friendly and worthwhile thing to do on the 26th April ... grab a bike and why not also grab a friend and come along and join in the fun! The 13 mile cycle from Bristol to Bath is a fantastic day out with other like-minded people, yummy pub food and lots of laughter!

So I sense your interested then? Then check out and drop us a message in the FB Group page for more important information!

If you'd also like to support the guys and/or the community projects in Thailand then please click through to the fundraising page as well:

Thanks for reading and all your wonderful support folks!