Nepal 2016: Day 10 Final Day - Kathmandu

Wednesday 20th July 2016 - Final day

Final day of the mission trip! Today we visited the Hope Trust Nepal Orphanage.

At the morning devotion, we talked about eagles and chickens and also about fathers, young men, and children. It was quite a thoughtful and reflective time given it’s the last day.

The dental screening was smooth as usual screening 40 kids and 3 adults. Jason Identified 5 who needed extractions. In general the teeth were well maintained.

In parallel to the dental clinic we had the children's program. I think all the kids understood English. Judging from the laughter and jingles I would say both, the team and the children, havd a good time.

We had a tour of the orphanage. It's impressive how neat and tidy this small place is. Children have limited cloths and they were all neatly folded away store on shelves. Children were lovely and well behave. They have a buddy system where an older child looks after a younger one.