Nepal 2016 Nov | Day 0 | BLi x OMMA

So how’s everybody doing this week?

I am very excited to join Pastor John and his OMMA mission team to Nepal this coming week (starting on the 29th October). The team will be there for about 10 days. First half of the trip, just like last year’s trip, we will be serving at the CAC youth camp in Benepa and the second half, the team will set up dental clinics at different villages. Sadly, I am only able to stay for the first half of the trip

Here are some pictures of last year's trip...

So at the moment, I am in Hong Kong waiting for my connection flight to Kuala Lumpur then Kathmandu. Let me tell you some interesting facts about my journey so far:

  • Nearly missed my bus to the Birmingham Airport because I left my air tickets at my office and soon after realised I have a copy saved in my phone
  • Traveled about 9700 km (6070 miles); 7100 km (4410miles) to go
  • 5 different countries in 2 days; UK, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and soon NEPAL!!
  • On my flight to Hong Kong, I spend a few hours talking to an Algerian guy who can only speak French and Arabic (and Yes, I can’t speak French nor Arabic)
  • Only slept 19-20 hours this week so far
  • 11 hours transit time in KL. YES 11 HOURS!! (hopefully I can catch some sleep)

So quite a few people ask… Why am I going if I can only spend 3 / 4 days in Nepal? Is it worth it? Honestly, I don’t know… but I felt that God said I should go and here I am. I don’t know what God will do through the team or through me but I believe that “there is no restriction on what God can do through the life of a willing servant” and I trust that He will do wonderful and beautiful things in Nepal – as always! And of course, I miss the amazing FOOD!! :P
Please keep us in prayers...

  • Prepare the hearts of the people we are going to encounter this week – there will be about a few hundred youths and young adults in the camp
  • Fill all the speakers with wisdom and God’s word – I will be sharing in one of the sessions too
  • Team bonding – I have not met the team before. Tomorrow will be the first time
  • Energy and good health – I am so tired right now… Zzzzz…
  • Safety – I will be traveling to Benapa by myself (I think..!?)

Will keep you all updated.

God Bless,