Colour Rush 2016 | BLi x LWF

:: COLOUR RUSH 2016 | BLi x LWF ::

A group of 11 university students from Bristol are running the Colour Obstacle Rush to fundraise for Bread & Life International this Saturday morning in Bath. 


A little history:

The Colour Obsctacle Rush, an unique event combining the fun of colour powdered runs and the thrill and excitement of an obstacle course, was founded in Finland in 2014 under the Finnish name 'Variestejuoksu'. The 2014 tour became the most popular obstacle run series in Scandinavia. With the inaugural event being a smashing success, the format was licensed to United Kingdom and the United States for 2015 with more than 100,000 participants over the year. 


This year, it's our turn to get involved ... who said fundraising couldn't be fun!!


You can support the runners & the team involved with this summer's Nepal project via the group fundraising page: