After a blessed mission trip in May 2017, BLi will be returning to the Philippines in August 2018; from 5th – 13th August 2018. 

We will mainly be supporting Pastor Fely from River of Life Church at San Isidro which also operates 2 orphanages in the nearby area. Due to accommodation constraints, the trip will be limited to a total 15 members.

General Information

When will the trip take place?
The trip will be from 5th Aug – 13th Aug 2018. 

What will we be doing in San Isodro, Philippines?
There will be 4 main focuses during this trip:

  1. Medical and Dental Clinics

  2. Orphanage Ministry

  3. Prison Ministry

  4. Encouraging the Church and supporting its outreaches to villages and prisons.

The tentative agenda will be as follows...
5-6 Aug:     Travel to Manila, internal flight to Tacloban, then a 4 hour bus ride to Delores and lastly a 45 minute boat ride to God’s Children’s Home in San Isidro. 
7-11 Aug:   Medical & Dental Clinic, orphanage ministry, Church and Prison Ministry
12 Aug:      Travel home. 


BLi Team


Day 1_Sunday

The BLi x Philippines 2018 team have safely arrived into Manila today; It has been a full day of travelling for most of the team.


Day 2_Monday

“When we arrived at San Isidro, we immediately got dropped off at the ROLM God’s Children’s Home, which is an orphanage for local children. We could not in a million years anticipate what came next!” - Wynne Chong


Day 3_Tuesday

“It's only through God working in us that we are able to do things. I wasn't able to heal people - that's far from it. It was God using me as a vessel and GOD healing the pains, and GOD'S glory that needed to be shown through all of the miracles. IT WAS ALL HIM!!!” - Jade Ng


Day 4_Wednesday

“This was surely a modern supernatural miracle, and it was witnessed by many. Aside from myself and Pastora Fely, Trenquino was seen before and after this act of God by our triage team, a doctor, two dentists, a medical student, and multiple others including the Filipino translators who were assisting with running the clinic. Most importantly, however, today two more lives were given to Jesus Christ. Glory to God.” - Ai Seok Lau


Day 5_Thursday

“Oris prison is close to my heart. Last year when I was preparing, I heard God communicate to me so clearly to let the Spirit guide my preaching. It was the first time I experienced the Holy Spirit so closely back then. This year, I could already feel God's presence when we arrived, the place had changed, already filled with quite a few Christians from the ongoing ministries from the river of life mission team.” - Jung Yin Tsang


Day 6_Friday

“Amazing moments throughout the trip as a whole was always seeing the ROLM youths and leaders taking every spare moment to worship God, even when holding a patient’s head during a tooth extraction – why not sing Amazing Grace? The hands are occupied…not the heart and mouth. Praise God!” - Jessica Man


Day 7_Saturday

“I was very touched and in awe to see God at work moving so freely, for us to be a part of this work, and to have some of the team pray & prophesy over my life too. God will surely continue to bear much fruit from the seeds sewn - He is always so good!” - Naomi Akizuki