BLi x Philippines 2017 Day 0


First day, boots on the ground. The heart's excited, for the mission at hand.

Though months of planning and prayer, nothing stirs up the feelings more than actually being here. Anticipation. Tiredness. Excitement. Adventure. His people. His works. For me these feelings were relived and shared as the team lands safety and conversations flowed.



Initial observation of this country:

•Traffic Lanes, directions and signals are more guidelines than rules

•Shops are extremely overmanned. With every glance, a minimum of 3 shop assistants smiling at you, ready to help and serve you at a wave of a hand

•From billboards & Neon lights, to taxi dash decorations. Everywhere has a touch of Catholicism and Christianity.


By coincidence, the Association of SouthEast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit was occurring within Manila during the very moments we arrived! With many roads blocked and diversions, security heightens at every mall and hotel. The delegates/ambassadors have their mission and agendas for their countries and we have ours for our Kingdom country. 


The journey so far seems to have His touch. At the hotel a band called "Salt and Light" played for us, with Psalms 4:6 on the notice board.


And a happenstance during one of our many Taxi and Grab (South East Asian Uber) drives, presented itself as the best allegory we could possible hope for our trip. A local bus, passionately named "God's Love" drove in front of us, next to us, around us and followed us throughout the ride. May His love be in front of us, be around us and follow us to every place we leave a mark on. So to you, rightly named bus, I say Amen! 


But real travel is yet to come, the flights, boat during and coach ride.


Onwards to Delores, signing off!

Elliot (& the Philippines team)